Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vermont And Frog Preview

So, I finally got a chance to catch my breath a little bit from this last quarter and all the whirlwind of things that happened. I finished up a concept project for an animation about a fat fruit bat, finished The Pepper Project for concept illustration (, moved back to Fulshear and after 30 applications, 2 rejections, alot of silence, and one call back, I got an internship with the Vermont Teddy Bear Company! After I got the internship, I then packed all my things up again and moved to picturesque Burlington, Vermont where I'm staying for about ten weeks and then moving back to Fulshear to finish out the summer before senior year starts. In the mean time, I'm currently totally reworking my concept idea for senior project to a story about a boy, his imagination and a pond near his house. A big part of the story is a giant frog, so here's a preview of a sketch I'm working on (Yes, webcams are probably not the best way to show it, but just bear with me). There's also some more Pepper Project illustration and a overhaul of my portfolio, so this is going to be a busy summer.

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